To Ashley:

You’re in South Korea, and I miss the convenience of walking across the hall to talk. I miss making tea together when the snow was stacked taller than our boots. I miss worrying about you when you were at the library until 3am because you weren’t home yet. But even though I miss you, I’m so happy for you. 
Last year, I flew to South Korea to see you again. 
I packed some of your favorite snacks and essentials. Some American cornflakes, Bigfoot cheese chips, and Caribbean seasonings to name a few. When we went out for drinks in Hongdae that Saturday night it felt like you had never left. 
I've found myself reminiscing about how we met as random roommates freshman year. And as time went by, how we became best friends. How we were around for each other’s most silly, serious, and stupidly serendipitous experiences. From major life events to late night laundry runs, we were around for all the three-hour long weekly updates, all of the Saturday night cramming sessions, Sunday morning grocery runs, and even the shoveling of four day snowfalls.  
But now, you are kicking ass far, far away. So I'll just have to see you the next time I’m on the other side of the world. 

With Love,

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