Insight: If stoner aliens were real, they'd definitely eat Doritos. 
​​​​​​​Copywriter: Shaoli Yusaf
Art director: Kristen Heglin
Doritos Manifesto
We champion all of the couch potatoes, all of the dreamers, all of the 3am red eye drinkers. We see you, and we definitely hear you crunching on those Doritos. When you need to refuel we have what you need. Wherever you are, whenever you want us, we are there. From aliens that inhabit Pluto, to you living in your uncle's garage. Your shelves will always be stocked with our triangle goodness. Doritos. Anytime, anyplace. 

Alien TV Spot (:15)

[SUPER] Somewhere deep in space...

News Anchor: This just in, humans of planet 'Earth' are convincing themselves they're actually cake. Stay tuned for...

Alien 1: Are we cake?

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