Copywriter: Shaoli Yusaf
Art director: Brian Chau

Problem: Budweiser is known as a white person's beer. 

Solution: Reflect and understand American as it is now. 
New Media | Budweiser reflects on America
TV Spot | Budweiser's Refreshed Manifesto
Budweiser Manifesto
American. American people. American things. American celebrations.
American means everyone. It means cheers in 430 languages. American means ‘Cheers’, everyone. And no matter who you are, we say cheers in your language because that's [pause] what being American means. Cheers.
Radio | Gibberish English
OOH | Billboards

Translation from French: "I'll have a how you say...beer"

Translation from Chinese: "I'll have a budweiser."

Youtube Series | The Budweiser Exchange
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