VO: The Australian bushfires. 
The hurricane that ravaged the Bahamas. 
Puerto Rico’s hundreds of earthquakes. 
Teens feel a responsibility to help, but struggle with overwhelmingness and frustration because they don’t know how to when these disasters are oceans away.
So we wondered how we could give teens a way to channel their desires to help into supporting disaster relief efforts.
The answer to helping teens, was in something as simple as a lego brick. 
Introducing WeBuild. An app that brings disaster relief problems to teens and gives them virtual Legos to help solve those problems.
Teens who’ve downloaded the WeBuild app receive a push notification when disaster strikes.‘Mission: A school in Puerto Rico was destroyed by an earthquake. Lego blocks are ready and waiting for you to design and build.’
In the app, they can use legos to build the very things that are needed in countries facing disasters, such as: schools, bridges, hospitals, houses.
Builds will be called “two-week challenges,” as all disaster campaigns will have a two week time limit. 
Teens will video chat with friends to work together on their lego masterpiece.
The app will even include an ‘advanced mode’ for users who want to take on a more intricate build. 
Teens can share their design on social media with the hashtag “webuildfor_____.” 
LEGO will choose 1 design to actually build at the site of each disaster.
Teens can also purchase LEGO sets through the app, where 20% of all proceeds made, are donated to local schools and shelters in the affected area.
When given the right tools, our teens will help shape, influence and rebuild our world.
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