VO: Budweiser is an American beer. But it’s almost too American in an Un-American way. 

Over the years, “American” has become synonymous with White. 
Given that half their current target market is not white, we wondered how we could make Budweiser’s brand image more inclusive.
How do we show Budweiser is an American beer? For everyone?
We produced a TV spot that illustrates Budweiser’s brand refresh. [Play TV spot] 
TV Spot (For reference)

American people. 
American things. 
American celebrations.
American means everyone. 
It means cheers in 430 languages. American means ‘Cheers’, everyone. And no matter who you are, we say cheers in your language because that's [pause] what being American means. Cheers.
VO: As part of the brand refresh, Budweiser’s cans will be translated to all 430 different languages spoken in the US.  
What better way to say “Cheers” than saying so in their native tongue?
We also designed print that introduces and raises awareness of the new can redesign. 
Our radio ad will keep the awareness going. [play radio]
Radio (For reference do not read)

[gibberish plays] Didn't understand any of that? Join the club. That's what English sounds like to people who don't speak English. Budweiser wants to represent all of the languages spoken in the US--430 to be exact, so we've produced new cans with all 430 languages printed on them. Speak more than just English? We’ve got a can for you. 
VO: Lastly, we created “The Budweiser Exchange,” a YouTube series that features YouTube chefs of color who cook meals that reflect their own culture and pair well with a fresh cold Bud.
VO: [SFX: Can opening] Here’s to being American.

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