[Knock on door.] 
[Footsteps of tenant approaching door.] [*Checks through peephole*] [opens door] 
Woman: Who is it? 
Agent: ICE police. Open up right now. 
Woman: Dios. What do you want? 
Agent: I’m the police. Open the door, right now!
Agent repeats in Spanish: Soy policía. Abre la puerta ahora! 
VO: The constitution protects us from these violations. 

Knowing your rights and being able to stand your ground are privileges we all deserve. 
Without these, encounters with Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers end with forced entry and unlawful searches. 
“The fourth amendment is the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures...” 
We expect ICE officers to follow the constitution. 
But what happens when they don't? 
Introducing Ari, a home assistant that works with Google’s home security system, Google Nest. 
Using computer vision, Ari recognizes ICE agent’s uniforms and badges and notifies the homeowner through their home security app. 
This notification tells them that someone is at their door, allows them to review their rights, and to speak to agents through her. 
Using the app, homeowners can ask to see warrants and badges without having to open their door. 
ARI: Do you have a warrant to enter this home? If so, please hold it up or slide it under the door. 
VO: Ari will include multiple languages allowing homeowners to use the app without language barriers. 
After the encounter with ICE, home occupants will be asked to confirm their safety. 
If they are detained or fail to confirm their safety, the app automatically notifies their set emergency contact. 
Ari was designed to make being home safer for people regardless of their immigration status. Together we can take home security one step further in keeping its occupants safe. 
Ari. Defending your rights.

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