Shaoli Yusaf (pronounced: "Shay-Lee")

As a woman of color, I am the collection of many diverse and powerful experiences. I am critical about the world in front of me and I expect to make positive impacts through my work. It is our responsibility to create work that is both thoughtful and intentional in its messaging. 
Things that made it very clear I'd be a copywriter:

I am 2 for 2 in speaking at my school graduations. 

I spent an entire afternoon learning about comma usage. 

I once said 'sandwiches' is a really expensive word to use in a haiku. 

Because copywriters are expected to be witty: 

For every burger I post on Instagram, there are at least 5 more that I haven’t posted. There are 22 burgers in my Instagram posts. That means I’ve had at least 110 burgers and that’s an average of 2 burgers a month for 4 years. All this to say, if we hit things off and I ask to “grab coffee,” I’m secretly hoping that means we’re getting burgers for lunch.

Attn: Due to covid-19 related restrictions I am accepting virtual lunches featuring homemade burgers.
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